Sunday, May 13, 2012


As we celebrate womanhood today, would like to share this from one of my favourite book, Lioness Arising:

"To all my lioness sisters

who feel something wild, fierce, and beautiful stirring within them.

You are stunning.

You were born for this moment.

Don't be afraid of your strengths, questions or insights.

awaken, rise up, and dare to realise

all you were created to be."

-Lisa Bevere

A good Zi Char meal > Restaurant. Anytime.

My little buy from today. Don't you love the color, intricate pattern and of course, its functionality?

Look who we found! An expectant mother of about 4 kittens (noted from my mum's kampong's experience)
Happy Mother's Day to you kitty ;) May you find strength and will to live on and nurture the lives that lies in your womb.

I'm captivated by this write-up of Charnzl Lazaro on his mother:

Although she was blind, my mother managed to raise 6 children together with my father- who is also blind. My mom, bring the heart and light of the family, instilled in our hearts and minds, the importance of God, family and education. 
Her disability never once stopped her from teaching us moral values and principles of life. 
She illustrated to us things which she herself didn't see. 
She served as the finest example to all around her.

She is the best mom to me because she taught us how to enjoy life and leave our worries to the Lord. My best memory is of her telling us that, "When everything fails, let the Lord do it for us."


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